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doterra protocol

Live Younger, Longer Learn More. Learn more. Explore Sourcing. Select Your Continent. Select Your Region. Select Your Location. Select Your Language.You may also request for a chinese version of the booklet. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Email This BlogThis! Subscribe to: Posts Atom. DigestZen, Basil, Clary Sage. Marjoram, Deep Blue, Birch. Melaleuca, Lemongrass, Lavender. Breathe, Lavender, Eucalyptus. Frankincense, Peppermint, Rosemary.

Lemon, Lemongrass, Helichrysm. Serenity, Lavender, Elevation. Deep Blue, Frankincense, Lavender. Breathe, Eucalyptus, Peppermint. Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary. Oregano, Melaleuca, Lemon. Balance, Vetiver, Frankincense. Deep Blue, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen. Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Melaleuca.

doterra protocol

Peppermint, Helichryum, Rosemary. Helichrysum, Geranium. Cinnamon, Peppermint, Wintergreen. Lavender, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile. DigestZen, Peppermint, Clary Sage. Cypress, Helichrysum, Clove. Clove, Thyme, Oregano. Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Cypress.

Wintergreen, Cypress, Marjoram. Breathe, Eucalyptus, Thyme. Cypress, Helichrysum, Deep Blue. Deep Blue, Basil, Cypress.

The Daily Health Habits Routine

Lavender, Malaleuca, Geranium. Melaleuca, OnGuard, Pepperming. Melaleuca, OnGuard, Oregano. Clover, Lavender. OnGuard, Melaleuca, Peppermint. Rosemary, Grapefruit, Lemon. Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, Lavender. Lavender, Melaleuca, Sandalwood.

OnGuard, Pepperming, Basil.Hi everyone! I just wanted to share what has helped me the most - I have shared this info through video format. There are a hand full of very effective remedies we can use to help eradicate the Lyme from our systems and other co-infections that go along with it and that help heal our cells and heal the "path of destruction" that the Lyme has left behind - this protocol is, by far, the most effective thing I've used.

I have come to believe that one of the reasons why we "Lymies" have a hard time recovering is not only because the Lyme are so tricky to deal with - hiding away and breeding away in cyst form when they feel threatened - but I believe that those who have been dealing with Lyme on a chronic level have cells that no longer function like they should.

I wish I could shout this protocol from the roof tops to all people who have struggled with Lyme as I have. If you haven't found an answer yet to your Lyme - please give this a chance. Here's my Lyme story: Here's the Lyme Protocol - 5 simple supplements to kill the pathogens and heal the cells. Just make sure you're taking some. Mercola and other doctors I trust suggest taking at least 5, IU of vitamin D3 per day.

Those who are deficient in vitamin D3 usually need to take at least 10, IU per day for a week and then go to using IU on a regular basis. I don't post on this blog much anymore - my efforts have been focused on not only helping support and give advice to Lyme sufferer's everywhere but in helping people prepare for what's to come. You can visit my Healthy Preparedness blog here. Tuesday, December 17, My Recommended Protocol. Circulating "Antibiotcs":. Healing the Digestive System:.

Other Important supplements:.

doterra protocol

Monday, April 8, Skirting Freedom. This recent photo says SO much. Really, I was just being silly. But even just the fact that I was being silly says so much. If ya know what I mean. Saturday, December 8, Treatments Saturday, August 18, Treatments 17 - I ended up going to the clinic just for one more treatment about a month after my last post.

I must have been fighting something off because that treatment wiped me out for 2 weeks! But I recovered after that and was stabilizing. Thursday, June 28, An Unexpected Gift. The next person is Gayle. She also has Lyme and some other issues. She and I have symptoms that are quite like one another. I've loved being able to visit with her.I actually have several testimonials about cancer because I've been sort of collecting them.

I had breast cancer 9 years ago What's important to note is that it doesn't seem to matter what kind of cancer, the basic protocol is the same. Basic protocol:. This was reiterated by Dr. Hill at the east coast regional conference a few weeks ago. For a child, if they have problems swallowing capsules, use the DDR Prime oil blend and use it topically before the frankincense.

Bottom of feet, along spine, and over the problem areas as well eg. We metabolize the oils quickly, so frequent application is important when dealing with a current tumor. Additional suggestions I've seen, which I also believe are from Dr. I've also attached another document from doTERRAlife that talks about cancer and some oils recommended for specific types of cancer. I'm also aware of another story of a woman in doTERRA whose mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in early December After a week in the hospital they sent the mom home with hospice care "nothing more they could do".

But Bebe, the woman, had been applying frankincense to her mom every couple of hours while she was in the hospital, and when they sent her home, she continued. She diffused on guard, and was applying frankincense and DDR Prime oil topically every 2 hours day and night.

After about 10 days of oils 1 week in the hospital and 3 days at homeher mom felt hungry a huge changeand things progressed from there. Good days, bad days, but as the mom became stronger she began taking LLV and the DDR Prime capsules 6 or 8 per dayand continued the frankincense feet, spine, and all over where there were tumors--lungs, back, ribs, hip, pelvis, shoulder, etc. Bebe also used wintergreen topically for pain, and the mom stopped taking her pain meds because she didn't like how they made her feel.

Also frankincense and other oils help oxygenate the blood so the mom also could stop using her oxygen after a few weeks. By the end of May,the mom is feeling so much better, she's up and around, gardening in her yard, she's off all of the meds and is only taking DDR Prime, the oils and LLV, and she went on a vacation. Her oncologist told her back in February that he doesn't understand why or how but that her cancer is dying.

Additionally, I know there is a man who is currently using this protocol for his brain cancer.Email Address. I love that Dr. Hill talked about his recommended daily essential oil routine at Convention this year ! It was fun to hear what he suggested and why. Let me share with you what he talked about! Skip towards the bottom for a quick reference guide to his routine.

Its the basis for making health decisions and staying on TOP of our health and preventing instead of only caring about our health as a reactionary step. If you are interested in a more comprehensive daily routine. Check it out here! You can see that the foundation of the pyramid is Eating Right. Our health relies on us putting the best in our bodies. Make sure that you are getting your healthy fats like raw coconut oilyour proteins we love adding Collagen to our coffeeand lots of veggies and fruits.

We all know how to eat right — just make little decisions every day that push you in the right direction. We can also make sure that we are taking a good vitamin. One species of apple has a staggering times more phytonutrients than the Golden Delicious displayed in our supermarkets. So even with a near perfect diet, we should all be taking a supplement — a good, bioavailable supplement.

These help your body process the foods you are eating. I, myself, take Terrazyme at each meal. Before and after exercise use your Deep Blue oil and rub to stimulate your muscles and support healthy joints and muscle function plus a quick recovery. Not getting proper rest and stress relief can have a serious impact on our health. Check out what the American Psychological Association says about positive moods:. And sleep is just as important as managing stress.

Are you getting enough sleep? As an Adult you should be getting hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Which I know is basically impossible for all those parents with tiny babies — but you get the point. We should be striving for at least this much sleep. I take two caps every night and I sleep all night through. I also diffuse a restful blend like Serenity or Lavender.

Hill Recommends Serenity Caps every night and using Balance topically every morning for stress management.

We are exposed to crap in the air, in our food, in our laundry detergents, etc etc every single day of our lives. We need to help our body rid of all the toxins. Drink a citrus oil in your water every day and throughout the day.Unlike the more traditional and commonly known Aromatouch or Young Living Raindrop Technique, these extremely powerful and effective Essential Oil application techniques were developed by Boyd Truman on the basis of over 20 years of practice.

In his book 'Symphony of the Cells', he describes each protocol which focuses "on the specific system of the body and targeting the symptoms and underlying causes of many ailments and illnesses. When applied correctly, therapeutic-grade essential oil healing applications can promote wellness and help to re-establish a state of homeostasis in the body and within the specific body systems they are effecting.

Additionally, High Quality Essential Oil healing applications have the potential to advance a person's wellness and re-balancing quickly and profoundly. All of our applications utilize therapeutic grade essential oils but we do not sell them in our practice. Each Essential Oil healing application takes 10 to 15 minutes and allows for aromatic application, topical application via therapist hands, and may involve carrier oils such as coconut oil, rose hip seed oil or argan oil to dilute certain oils.

Shoulder and Neck application, spine and back application, and foot application are common across all choices. The "Forgiveness Protocol" has additional application to the heart and liver topically. Infra-Red Heating Pad may be applied at the end of your application to intensify the effects of the oils on certain protocols.

For the most profound support in restoring wellness and balance we recommend two applications a week for two weeks.

This is especially true for stubborn or chronic infection, illness, or imbalances. Substitutions for oils or blends and brands may be used due to seasonality or availability of the plants. We currently offer all fifteen separate Essential Oil Healing Applications but have a few of our favorites listed below:.

Click here to schedule your Essential Oil Session! Designed to address mystery illnesses, long-term chronic conditions such as Lyme, EBV, lymph and blood related issues. This is a warming and invigorating protocol Designed to address mental fatigue, neurological fatigue, insomnia, memory, OCD, Autoimmune, other brain disregulation symptoms.

Energetically stimulates the connection between spirit and physical, heart and liver, and the release of old and deeply embedded resentment, frustration, blame, shame, rage, self-abuse, and lack of forgiveness for self and others.

How to use Copaiba essential oil | Healing in our Homes

Address conditions related to Lymph problems. This protocol tends to be uplifting emotionally and we encourage clients to move the body right afterward, just as they would after receiving Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. Conditions may include but are not limited to chronic pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, aches, joint and muscle discomfort, inflammation, tendonitis, bursitis, digestive distress, connective tissue disorders, over-training and adrenal fatigue. Infection Recovery Protocol:.

This is a powerful protocol and we recommend a period of rest and integration and be ready for a trip or two to the restroom as the body cleanses. As with all protocols, we encourage two applications a week for two weeks to really reset. Digestive Recovery Protocol:. Respiratory Protocol:.The thyroid, located in the front of the neck, is a small butterfly-shaped organ.

Thyroid hormones affect your metabolism rate, which means how fast or slow your brain, heart, muscles, liver, and other parts of your body work. Or, if you have too much thyroid hormone, you might feel nervous, jumpy, and warm.

The thyroid is controlled by the pituitary gland which oversees thyroid hormone production. Additionally, it tells the thyroid to make more or less according to what the body needs. The pituitary gland is even smaller, about the size of a pea, yet still vitally important to our health. Furthermore, Frankincense is calming for the immune and nervous systems, skin and emotions.

Infectious Disease SOC Protocol

Sesquiterpenes also stimulate the limbic system, hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. Combine with Clove, Lemongrass and Frankincense for a daily thyroid support blend see recipe and graphic below. High in phenols which stimulate the immune and nervous system, they further help keep your cells performing well.

Combine with Lemongrass, Myrrh and Frankincense for a daily thyroid support blend see recipe and graphic below. Combine with Clove, Myrrh and Frankincense for a daily thyroid support blend see recipe and graphic below.

doterra protocol

When the thyroid is out of balance then the adrenals usually are too, and visa versa. So support for one is support for the other.

Top 6 Essential Oils for Maximizing Gut Health

Dilute Basil and apply over the adrenal glands on both sides of the back, just under the rub cage daily. When your adrenals are constantly stressed, this sets off an autoimmune, inflammatory response in your entire body. The adrenal-hypothalamus-pituitary feedback loop regulates the secretion of cortisol.

All of your organs and your immunity are impacted negatively by the resulting constant assault of cortisol. Try it in a diffuser, put a drop in your hands to inhale or just smell from the bottle. It is also supportive to the thyroid. Essentail oils to apply daily over the thyroid highly diluted for daily use :. Rub together and inhale for a quick pick-me-up.

Essential oils are a great support for the thyroid. Even so, our diet and nutrition always plays a key role in our health as well. The lifelong vitality pack offers these benefits:. Foods that contain Iodine include fish, seaweed, eggs, raw dairy and sea vegetables. These supplements make a profound difference for those that take them — including me! These supplements fill in the nutritional gaps and so you will have more energy and feel fantastic!

They are a key part of my daily self care. Do your research, but in general, avoid processed sugars, grains, unhealthy oils, etc. Getting enough sleep, to bed by 10, also helps your adrenal glands stay on a healthy schedule. I hope this helps you support your thyroid with essential oils. Good morning…. I have a dear friend who suffers with HYPO.

I like the idea of adding in Basil for the adrenals!