So this is a good opportunity to talk more in depth about one of the upcoming improvements for the Multiplayer - how we plan to deal with the latency. Let's start by defining the problem. You want to play a multiplayer game with your friend that is not the problem yet.

If you live far apart i. This is what we call network latency. So depending on the distance and connection quality the network latency can get quite high. Also because the connection is unreliable we need to work with a round trip latency, basically doubling the number by two.

When the multiplayer game is started there is a latency slider which defines the expected roundtrip latency. At the moment this needs to be set manually. This value is the same for all the players. This number defines a lag between the time of user action occurence and the time of application of that user action.

Say you click a mouse to open the machine gui. In single player this happens instantly. In multi player this happens only after defined latency time elapses on average.

The reason for this is to keep the determinism. All the players need to apply all the user actions in the same order. Therefore your game can apply your user action and hence open the gui only when it has applied all the previous in game time user actions from other players.

So the result is that you click the entity and then wait, wait, wait aaaand only then the gui opens. This problem is mitigated in client - server models Quake, Doom, etc. This is possible because the game state is rather small. As far as I know, the client there updates the state and now and then checks with the server whether his state is correct.

If not it downloads the authoritative state from the server. However as mentioned quite a few times before this is not the way for us simply because Factorio game state is too big to transfer over network and it is also changing too fast - think all the entities moving on transport belts. Ok, this lag is annoying.

Really annoying. So one of the things we are working on for 0. In short this will pretend that the user action takes place immediately for some of the common tasks. It is neither aiming to be perfect nor to work for every action. We are after making the game experience as smooth as possible within given boundaries.

Technically the latency hiding is done by having a special layer we call it latency state which duplicates the relevant part of the game state. Every tick this latency state is cleared and initialized from the regular game state. Then all the buffered local user actions that hasn't been applied yet in the game state are applied to the latency state. So back to our example with opening machine gui, the result would be that the gui is still closed in the game state, but there is an information in the latency state that the gui will probably open.

The latency state is then used for drawing the screen gui is displayed and creating new user actions player can take an item from the gui into cursor - even though in real game state the gui is still closed. The nice thing about this approach is that it is self-correcting. This is because the latency state is reset every tick and reinitialized from the real game state.

So what happens when there is user action collision?Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Factorio Store Page. Global Achievements. We tried making a public server which ran fine until a third friend joined 4 of uswhich is when the game began to have extreme points of lag and we had to continuously pause which seemed to ease the lag for a while.

Is there a fix to this or is it simply unoptimized at its current state in early access? Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments. Does the 4th person have decent internet? What version of Factorio are you running? Originally posted by KatherineOfSky :. Last edited by FlameFalcon ; 18 Sep, pm. Originally posted by Falcon :. Last edited by KatherineOfSky ; 18 Sep, pm. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 18 Sep, pm. Posts: 6. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Factorio Store Page. Global Achievements. Andrew View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. Thunder7 View Profile View Posts. When I play MP with friends we have one guy that is in college and uses its internet it's bad every time he joins or the world saves we get a lot more lag when he's on.

Generally speaking consumer grade internet connections have good download speeds but poor upload speeds because ISPs assume that most consumers want to watch Netflix instead of hosting Netflix from their laptop. That means that any online game will suffer unless you run the server on a host with a proper internet connection or play on a LAN.

Note that this affects all online games - e. It's your frinds internet. Not enough bandwidth for the number of connected players. Typoically upload speeds are only half or less the advertised download speeds. Upload speed is what a server needs. Download speed is what a client needs. I have no issues with any other games I guess down 20 up is not enough for me and 1 other person 3 people 4 doesnt matter who ever doesnt host is consistantly being disconnected then it stops then starts again the little bar fills up then goes down then fills up and in the mean while its unplayable.

Warlord View Profile View Posts. What kind of lag? In single player, if you dip below 60 UPS your game just runs a tad slower. In multiplayer, that person that dips to 59 UPS lags to hell and back as he constantly enters a "catching up to server" mode.

This feels a bit like lag to the client. Ryan View Profile View Posts. I have found that for large bases where some computers can't maintain 60 UPS, the only way for everyone to have a smooth game is to have the slowest computer be the game host. In this way the game will run at the speed of the slowest computer, and everyone will be able to play without lag.

The game will run slower though. Well join my server I have a large dedicated server computer for all to share.

Factorio - Vanilla done right - E01 - Efficient game start

Last edited by DevilBabyBunny ; 16 May, am. Originally posted by DevilBabyBunny :. Originally posted by Warlord :. Kai View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Andrew - :. Last edited by Kai ; 16 May, am. Xylol View Profile View Posts. You should than be able to see who's the one with bad performance, causing the game to lag. Last edited by Xylol ; 16 May, pm.

Originally posted by Kai :.In other languages:. In addition to being a single-player game, Factorio also supports multiplayer, allowing many players to cooperate and assist each other, or work against each other in pvp. This page documents how to set up a multiplayer game, how to join one, and the Multiplayer Admin features for managing other users and the server.

By default, multiplayer games run the CO-OP freeplay scenario where all players work together to launch a rocket with a satellite into space. Other scenarios, including PvP maps, are available for download from the Maps and Scenarios forum. Multiplayer games can be joined, hosted while playing, or hosted by a dedicated server.

Multiplayer games can be advertised to other players on the same LAN or worldwide. Use the Multiplayer button in the Play menu to start playing a multiplayer game, choose New or Load or Scenarios to host and play, or Browse or Play on LAN to connect to an already-running game. The host can also choose not to advertise the game at all, in which case you'll need the server's public or otherwise reachable IP address; you can then Connect directly to that to join the game.

As of Factorio version 0. You can run factorio --help to get a list of all command-line arguments that Factorio accepts.

This can easily be done using the --create command-line argument. For example:. There are several JSON configuration files that factorio can make use of to change the server and map settings:. The --map-gen-settings and --map-settings options must be used with the --create option when you create a new map. Starting the factorio server requires you to specify the location of the server-settings. By default this is in the factorio data folder.

For example to start factorio using the most recent saved map, you would run:. On windows, it may be useful to start the server with a. The bat file should have the following content:. Note: Factorio now requires glibc version 2. This step-by-step guide has been verified on fresh CentOS 7 and RHEL 7 installs but should be applicable with little to no changes on most distributions.

We will also suggest that you run the Factorio server as a separate user to harden security of your setup. Note that there are two distinct packages for Linux that can be used to run a headless server. First is the usual Linux download, that contains the full game.

factorio multiplayer lag

The other is the special headless package. The headless package does not contain any files irrelevant for a pure server, such as graphics and sounds. It is also not linked against libraries that may not be present on a server machine, such as Xlib, libGL or libasound.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Factorio Store Page. Global Achievements. Zyrex View Profile View Posts. Ive just started out factorio with my friend and ive been really enjoying it, but every minute or so i get a lag spike, it doesnt annoy me but when i go onto multiplayer with my friend it ends up giving him a 'Disconnecting from server' message in the center of his screen.

Is there anyway to fix this? The lag spikes seem to only be my end and i have decent specs and ive put my VRAM to high. Please help! Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. Killcreek2 View Profile View Posts. Lag spikes usually refer to internet connection problems, but you claim to see them in single player mode, so it is not that. So try a few different options and see if it makes any difference. Jonathan View Profile View Posts.

Auto-save can generate a spike. If you set it to every 1 minute and your base is starting to be rather big, a save can easilly be felt. I don"t know. In my case, auto-save is set to every 2 minutes and my base is pretty big and most of the time, I don't feel them. Maybe once an hour, a save take seconds.

Other saves are seamless. Last edited by Jonathan ; 18 Dec, am. The spikes seem to happen halfway between each save, although it still happens when I have just started a base, and have auto-save set to 10 mins. Might help a little if you were describe the "spike" as clearly as possible.

Are we talking about a couple of frame skiped? Or whole game "hang" for seconds? Do you see a "progress bar" or any type of notification when it happens? Even if super-fast If you have enough Vram this might help you I have 4gb. From what it seems like the spike seems to hang the game for about seconds. It seems like i have crashed or am frozen.

factorio multiplayer lag

It is being caused by a drop of framerate so ill give you the specs. Ive turned my atlas texture size to I have turned off specialized sprite atlases and vsync. The only things i have open while playing is discord and factorio itself. Computer specs: 2. The spikes seem to happen randomly. But reoccours about every 5 minutes.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Factorio Store Page. Global Achievements. I 'm always the host because of my computers specs, but if I try to attack aliens, then the others can't do anything, no move, no play, nothing and have massive lags in the gameplay.

If I stop to attack the aliens then they can play again, what is it and how to fix this issue? Is there any new build of the game? Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. But from what you said, it sounds like your Internet provider is not letting you upload data fast enough to host this game if others are frozen. Would be a different story if 1 person was frozen, then they would just have to get faster data rate to keep up with the hosted server.

factorio multiplayer lag

Killcreek2 View Profile View Posts. Have your buddies do the same with thier 4G, and you should be able to see where the data is bottlenecking. Rokas View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by whiter :. And your friends?? Thou it still sounds like something on your end if they freeze at the same time. You might want to try unmoved just to do a control test.

Go out right at start of game and attach some biters and see what happens. Originally posted by Feuerkelch :.


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Quick links. Multiplayer Lag Anything that prevents you play the game properly. Do you have issues with paying for the game, downloading it or properly running it on your computer?

Let us know here. When we just launched the server yesterday it was fine. My friend was having a very tiny lag but nothing special. Today is completely unplayable. It works for most of times. But some times it lags a lot. When latency has no minimum it is around 10 for both of us. Even when it lags it is still no more than When it lags there is a little clock appearing above latency. Few times It was even that bad that the server kicked us.

The console was spiting something like this. Most of the time it happens is when some one is running. What could be the problem possibly be? Our pingtests to that VPS is fine. Thanks in advance. Re: Multiplayer Lag Post by Jap2. If this works, it means that your computers cannot keep up with the server.

Otherwise, please post everything requested here. There are 10 types of people: those who get this joke and those who don't. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

I set it to very low when trying to investigate my self what happening. How ever nothing changed when I changed sprite resolution. I also changed game speed to 0. Actually probably lower, since the server is running at 47 ups, and client will skip rendering some frames so it can keep up.

Most likely reason is that the textures aren't all fitting into the video card vram. Client side logs should provide more info there. Edit: You posted a follow up whilst I wrote the above. That would slow down processing each update and rendering as well. From the screenshots, it looks like most entity updates are taking less than 10ms, but you have also had some 35ms and over 80ms.

If I zoom in it goes back to normal. The issue when its laging is that fps could be fine but i will get kind of teleported my few steps in random sides.