Yo-yos have been around in worldwide culture for over a century so are often seen in the media. This page lists yo-yo appearances on TV, in movies, magazines, video games, newspapers, and so on. The known yo-yoers in the commercial are Ryan Gee and Joey Vitalari. There are two versions of this commercial, a 30 second cut and a 1 minute version.

In the Summer ofJet Airlines has released two new compilation commercials which had yo-yoer Patrick Mitchell in it. They both have the same footage in them, with Mitchell being shown two different times.

In one clip, he is on his back doing two-handed Shoot the Moon's, and the other he is walking across the screen doing two-handed loops and Around the World. This Sears commercial featuring a male model flicking a yo-yo at the camera, in such a way that it looks somewhat reckless. Ina yo-yo was featured on an international Shell advertisement with the concept of "movement" right through.

Both an English version and Portuguese version from Brazil were made available. Princess's main weapon is the Yo-yo Bomb, which launches like a yo-yo leaving bombs in its wake. On the casting tapes for season two, you see one guy try and show how much of a geek he is by doing a split bottom mount, and then a few seconds later you see him do a front style dismount.

Blazing Teens is an ongoing Chinese live-action and animated series broadcast in several Asian countries. Auldey manufactures and sells Blazing Teens branded yo-yos in those countries. In Season 2 Ep. She is seen playing with a red yo-yo while waiting and while talking to Angel when he shows up, it's in the opening segment of the show.

Yo-yos in the Media

In the subsequent episode, while in the Bronze Bar, Spike shows up and says there is some guy outside trying to bite someone, Buffy quickly runs outside while Xander runs to Buffy's bag to get a stake, but instead pulls out a red butterfly yo-yo. In Season 5 Ep. One of the gifts she gives Buffy, is a Duncan Avenger yo-yo.

Duncan Crew Singapore were featured on this show back in year You can find the video here. The Comedy Central stand-up special for Mitch Hedberg contained this joke.To make these tricks easier, yoyos designed for 1A are wide and sleep a long time.

While advanced 1A yoyos are also designed to play unresponsiveit is easier to learn the 1A basics on a regular responsive yoyo first. Learn the 1A Basics. When a yoyo is unresponsive it will not come back to your hand when you pull it up. Many 1A yoyos come playing unresponsive to allow for more difficult tricks. To play with an unresponsive yoyo you will need to learn a trick called a bind to bring the yoyo back. Otherwise, the yoyo will not come back. Learn the Basics of Unresponsive Yoyoing.

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A good starter yoyo should be easy to use and have the potential to get you into more advanced tricks. The Sage Yoyo Starter Pack includes everything you need to get a jump-start learning yoyo tricks.

From its bead blasted finish, to its shape and weight profile, every detail of the Civility has been fined tuned for advanced learning. Unlike 1A string tricks, 2A yoyo tricks never land on the string. Instead, they usually involve repetitive motions like looping.

While ultimately two yoyos will be used at one time in this style, it is a good idea to learn these looping tricks one hand at a time. Learn Looping Yoyo Tricks. Once you have mastered a trick with one hand, learning it on your opposite hand is like starting from scratch.

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Some feel their opposite hand is not as capable of learning tricks, which is not true, but it can take more time. Learn Two-Handed Tricks. The Oracle Yoyo is designed for those just beginning their journey into 2A yoyo tricks.

It loops consistently and sleeps surprisingly well for a 2A yoyo. In the Oracle Two-Handed Kit we have also included lube, strings, and finger wrap for optimal play. While 3A yoyo tricks look intimidating at first, once you have a few tricks under your belt it becomes increasingly addictive and exciting to learn. As in 1A, metal yoyos will typically outperform plastic for 3A. For players new to the style, however, we recommend using two identical plastic yoyos because plastic can handle more collisions than metal and there will be lots of collisions.

With the right yoyo, offstring tricks can also be some of the easiest tricks to learn.Cambridge Audio will be a familiar name to a lot of you Gadgety faithful. Like many Hi-Fi makers they are ensuring they have a finger in the wireless speaker pie. I have been spending time with their Yoyo S and M speakers. Ruggedised and rubberised might be great for outdoors or the bathroom but perhaps not to sit amongst your soft furnishings.

How about a wireless stereo pair? They would have to be easy to use, of course. Stylish, goes without saying. All of this whilst sounding more Hi-Fi than your average Bluetooth speaker. I was actually delighted not to have done any previous research about the Yoyo M and was pleasantly surprised by the covering. That is definitely a good thing as the ones I have to review are a rather pale grey. Just, no.

Yup, these are totally wireless speakers — no power when charged or speaker cables here. These are both powered by a class D amplifier. The master unit the one with the logo badge on it is the right channel which leaves the slave unit to handle the left channel. So, yeah, those in the picture above are the wrong way around.

As previously mentioned you can have the speakers plugged in to the mains they both have their own powerbricks and cables or run them from their internal battery. Cambridge says that they will last 24 hours without the need of a plug. Obviously expect a little less at full party vibe. To ensure not getting caught out, just press the button under each speaker to check how much battery is left.

yoyo tv youtube

This will illuminate the white LEDs up top accordingly. You rarely get a remote with Bluetooth speakers. However, the Yoyo M has a neat little trick. The icons light up when you poke at them. All the controls — volume, playback, Bluetooth pairing — sync simultaneously across both speakers, too. Turn one speaker off and the other one goes to sleep too. Simply wave your hand over the speakers to control them. Left to right plays and skips tracks, while going the opposite way pauses the music.

This takes a Gorilla pod or standard camera tripod screw. Handy if you want to mount these on stands. The first outing of the Yoyo M was with me and my colleagues working on a Saturday to get a software release out.

In the office the sound from the compact speakers is impressively large. Being totally wireless meant that we could have them well separated, at either end of the desk. There is a slight warmth to them could be the woven cloth — heh! Being a mixed bunch we had what amounted to a best of the 90s playlist going on.Click here to watch.

While we're sometimes forced to move on from a job because of uncontrollable circumstances, we also frequently choose to carve out our own paths, leaving promising positions to find a new career that aligns with our passions and provides new challenges. Click here to read. China Daily features Yoyo Chinese as a company that is overturning a common misconception that Mandarin is too difficult to learn. The article explores Yoyo Chinese's use of innovative teaching approaches and language learning tools like its video-based pinyin chart to help students learn quickly and more efficiently.

yoyo tv youtube

Click here to read about it. Public School Review quotes Yangyang Cheng on the benefits of learning foreign languages and its positive effects on developing students' cognitive abilities. Click here to read the article. Yoyo Chinese announces its students have taken 7 million lessons from its company's Mandarin instruction videos. Click here to read more about it.

The article, "A Life with Impact", highlights the stages of Yangyang's life as a teacher, a TV show host, and an entrepreneur on a single mission to bridge the East and West through language and culture with her Mandarin learning company, Yoyo Chinese.

The Yoyo & Peanut Show

Phoenix TV airs a series centered around Yangyang's life. The series examines how her past as an educator and TV show host has helped her build one of the leading online language education companies, Yoyo Chinese.

Phoenix TV is a Hong Kong based broadcaster covering over countries and regions with an estimated audience of million. Click here to watch the series. Using her experience in Chinese language education, Yangyang explores the cultural and linguistic similarities between India and China.

The World of Chinese Magazine interviews Yangyang about her language learning company, Yoyo Chinese, and the teaching philosophy behind it. Click here to read the interview. Hollywood, the Chinese version of the U. Sign up for Free. Already have an account?

Click here to Log in. Video-based Pinyin Chart Store Sale! Sign Up. Go to Store Now.Yoyo Chinese is an online Chinese language education company focused on using clearly-explained videos to teach Chinese to students from all over the world. That started the idea of Yoyo Chinese. With 20 million lessons delivered to overstudents worldwide, Yoyo Chinese is debunking the myth that Chinese is too difficult to learn with one lesson at a time.

We are becoming the central hub for connecting the world with everything Chinese. We question tradition and challenge status quos. We make sure our students can really benefit from what we offer.

A great product comes from happy, well-balanced minds. Sign up for Free. Already have an account? Click here to Log in. Video-based Pinyin Chart Store Sale! Sign Up. About YOYO Chinese Yoyo Chinese is an online Chinese language education company focused on using clearly-explained videos to teach Chinese to students from all over the world.

Cambridge Audio Yoyo (M) wireless speakers review

Yoyo Chinese Timeline. Where we startedarmed with nothing but an obsession for teaching and the Chinese language, Yoyo Chinese founder Yangyang Cheng posted her first Mandarin lesson on Youtube which later went viral. Where we are now With 20 million lessons delivered to overstudents worldwide, Yoyo Chinese is debunking the myth that Chinese is too difficult to learn with one lesson at a time.

True Value We make sure our students can really benefit from what we offer. Personal Growth A great product comes from happy, well-balanced minds. Go to Store Now.Looking for a fun, easy, and authentic way to get a sneak peek into Chinese life and culture?

What if you could improve your Chinese listening skills at the same time? Sounds like a win to me. You can see what life is like as a Chinese student, peek into the life of a white-collar worker in a major Chinese city, or even fly back in time to visit historical China.

Without further ado, here are five popular Chinese TV shows that are great resources for tapping into Chinese culture. Ever wonder what it's like to work in a Chinese office?

However, through her constant efforts to improve, Lala eventually reaches the management level of the company. Du Lala is a character who is super relatable for young Chinese people. She comes from an average family and has an average educationand has to work extremely hard for every ounce of success she earns at work. Even though she might not do everything perfectly, she never gives up. You should watch this if:. Through a series of miscommunications, the emperor thought Xiao Yan Zi was his daughter and crowned her Princess Pearl.

Zi Wei was later recognized by the Emperor as well. Together the two princesses have to figure out how to navigate the rules of the palace. Watch and find out. In this TV shows, two sisters struggle with the difficulty of buying an affordable home in the fictional city of Jiangzhou. Both sisters must make some difficult decisions along the way about what they are willing to give up for a spacious residence.

This show shed light on the difficulties of young couples establishing their own homes in modern China. Many women and their families now demand that a potential suitor to have a house and a car before they can even think about getting married.

Scholarship student Shan Cai attends a private school for the sons and daughters of the elitewhere she accidentally gets into a fight with the leader of the F4, four boys who rule the school based on their family connections.

But the two have many obstacle to overcome if they want to be together. Some fans loved the brooding artist Hua Ze Lei above photo: rightbut some other fans love the jokester, Xi Men second from left. F4 is played by actual Taiwanese boyband F4. Watch here:.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases.

yoyo tv youtube

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